Bio based & bio­de­grad­able plastics


Resins based on bio­mass and resins based on syn­the­tics. Some examp­les are Poly­l­ac­ti­de (PLA), PLA Blends, plastics based on starch (mai­ze), BIO PET and Bio TPEs.

Cer­tain degrad­able Poly­es­ter are pro­du­ced from petro­le­um. The­re­for not all degrad­able plastics are bio­ba­sed as well. Often the­re are mix­tures, for examp­le from Poly­l­ac­ti­de and degrad­able Polyester.

Bio­ba­sed plastics are based on bio­mass. The term bio­ba­sed does not necessa­ri­ly mean biodegradable.

Advan­ta­ges are:

  • high amount of natu­ral rene­wa­ble resour­ces / raw materials
  • less ener­gy is used to pro­du­ce the­se materials
  • varia­ble dis­po­sal pos­si­bi­li­ties, for examp­le recy­cling, com­pos­ting or cli­ma­te-neu­tral ener­ge­tic utilization
  • mate­ri­als for injec­tion moul­ding and extru­si­on available

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