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Over­view of our offers

Plastics – Expe­ri­ence – Fle­xi­bi­li­ty and Passion

All kinds of plastics, always adap­ted to cus­to­mer requi­re­ments on a dai­ly basis — with expe­ri­ence and enthu­si­asm. This is TW PLASTICS.

We offer a lar­ge selec­tion of:

  • Stan­dard Plastics – “Com­mo­di­ties”
  • Engi­nee­ring Plastics up to
  • High Per­for­mance Plastics

from well-known producers.

As a free tra­der we are able to offer alter­na­ti­ve sources for your pro­ducts. In addi­ti­on to the dis­tri­bu­ti­on of ther­mo­plastic resins, we deve­lop and offer com­pounds. It can be on a basis of prime mate­ri­al or recy­cled or rege­ne­ra­ted mate­ri­al. Whe­ther stan­dard or cus­to­mi­zed, we design your product.

Natu­ral­ly we are rea­dy, wil­ling and able to orga­ni­ze a tech­ni­cal service.

Stan­dard Plastics

( < 100 °C )

  • PE (Poly­ethy­le­ne)
  • PP (Poly­pro­py­le­ne)
  • PS (Poly­sty­re­ne), crys­tal clear / impact resistant
  • SAN (Sty­re­ne-Acry­lo­ni­tri­le-Copo­ly­mer)
  • ABS (Acry­lo­ni­tri­le-Buta­di­e­ne-Sty­re­ne)
  • MABS — Trans­pa­rent ABS
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Engi­nee­ring Plastics

( < 100 °C )

  • PA (Poly­ami­de)
    • PA6, PA6.6
    • PA6T, semi-aro­ma­tic PA
    • PA 11 & PA12
  • PC (Poly­car­bo­na­te)
  • PC/ABS — Blends
  • PMMA (Poly­me­thyl Methacrylate)
  • ASA (Acry­lo­ni­tri­le-Sty­re­ne-Acry­la­te)
  • PBT & PET (Poly­es­ter)
  • PPE / PPO — Blends
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High Per­for­mance Plastics

( > 150 °C )

  • PPS (Poly­phe­ny­le­ne Sulphide)
  • LCP (Liquid Crys­tal Polymer)
  • PEEK (Poly­e­ther Ether Ketone)
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Ther­mo­plastic Elastomers

Ther­mo­plastic Elas­to­mers – the com­bi­na­ti­on of Ther­mo­plastics with the soft­ness and elasti­ci­ty of elastomers.

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Bio Plastics

Natu­ral, rene­wa­ble res­sour­ces or raw mate­ri­als for injec­tion moul­ding and extrusion.

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  • Cus­to­mi­zed compounds
  • Rege­ne­ra­ted & recy­cled mate­ri­al – „indus­tri­al qualities“
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